Cottages for rent and lots for sale in Charlevoix

The mission of Les Terrasses Cap-à-l’Aigle is twofold : first, to discover the Charlevoix region and second, to understand and appreciate contemporary architecture in Quebec. The unique beauty of the Charlevoix region, with its mountains and the majestic St. Lawrence River, is best served by creating ‘naturally conceived’ contemporary cottages. Les Terrasses Cap-à-l’Aigle is the site ‘par excellence’ to view and realise this twofold mission. The ‘natural cottage’ must not overwhelm the site, rather it must be integrated with its actual physical location and take advantage of certain important factors such as the view, sun, light, crosswinds and what is truly important, the extensive use of local natural materials.

Terrasses Cap-à-l’Aigle is throwing wide open the doors of its luxurious cottages.

A country blessed by nature.

Some of the region’s highlights are…

Cottages for rent

La location

Designed by architects to conform to the land chosen by the owners, our houses are fully customizable to the buyer’s needs while maximising the natural setting, the sun exposure and the view of the surroundings.

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The Lots

Les terrains

This wooded area is located on a hillside. The Southwest orientation of the lots allows for a maximum sun exposure and an impressive view of the St. Laurent River and surrounding hills.

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The residential development has been conceived and built to respect the appeal of the natural habitat and the privacy of individual owners, while being close to activities and services.

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